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Our Story

Nuova Scuola Wines is the culmination of our dream to produce our own label, with grape varieties that are perhaps not so well known in Australia, but are delicious, full flavoured, and although different to the usual line up in a typical Aussie bottle shop, they are every bit as good as the classic French varieties that have dominated our wine shelves since the emergence of wine making in Australia.

The name Nuova Scuola means 'new school' in Italian and stems from our philosophy to think outside the square when it comes to grape varieties, wine making techniques and what constitutes a good bottle of wine. 

Hence our motto "drink outside the box".

We are both qualified winemakers and met travelling the world working back to back vintages in both the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere, starting out as cellar hands and working our way up to winemakers in some amazing wineries.  We worked everywhere from New Zealand, where we met, to Italy and France, the USA and Canada, and even Mexico.

The desire to be close to family after the birth of our first child, and our interest in 'New World' wine making brought us to the South Burnett, close to Sarah's childhood home of the Sunshine Coast.  Still in it's infancy as a region the South Burnett, and particularly in our minds the sub-region of Moffatdale, offered the opportunity to carve out a niche for varieties that barely exist anywhere else in Australia.  It has become our goal to discover the true potential of this beautiful region by working with varieties carefully selected for the soils, the climate and the overall terroir.

The Team

Well the team is just us!  Husband and wife, partners in crime and partners in wine!

Both being qualified winemakers Sarah and Stefano work together to produce the wines at Nuova Scuola. 

We produce our fortified wine in our small on-site cellar, and while we also work as a winemakers for another local producer Moffatdale Ridge, we oversee the majority of the Nuova Scuola wine production in their fully equipped wine making facility. 

We are winemakers, viticulturists, farm-hands, gardeners, marketing and sales, cooks, bartenders, dishwashers, cleaners

and most of all parents, but we do what we do out of a passion for the wines we make and our life here in rural Queensland. 

Oh and of course there is the next generation that make up a big part of our team

but we will let them off the hook in the work side of things for a few years yet!


Stefano Radici

Graduate of the University of Milano
Bachelor of Oenology

Stefano - "I come from a small town in Northern Italy. Although I am the first in my family to pursue this career, I remember we had a bottle on the table any day of the week, it was such a part of life. I now understand that wine is more than just a drink. It's a lifestyle and for me it is a passion.  This brought me to discover some amazing places around the world and finally settle here in such an up and coming region, where we are keen to mix our knowledge and excitement for wine making with a new flair".


Sarah Boyce

Graduate of Griffith University
Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology

Sarah  - "I ended up interested in wine through hospitality, working in restaurants and wine bars to put myself through my first degree a Bachelor of Business and Tourism Management with a dream to manage a resort!  How things change!  My passion for wine grew the more I learned and I took a gamble and went back to uni to study wine making and haven't looked back since. I absolutely love the fun, the challenge, the science, the nature and the community that makes up the world of wine.  I was lucky enough to meet Stefano in my travels and fall in love with someone who was just as passionate as I was and as they say the rest is history."

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