Wedding Day Italy 2017



Wine lovers from different sides of the world...

Sarah.... "Growing up in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland I felt like I was a world away from wine and so I chased my dream of making it in wine regions from one side of the globe to the other! 

I had worked over 15 vintages in USA, Canada, France and New Zealand, and then after meeting Stefano we also travelled together for a while but the lure of home and a life near the coast along with the discovery of the amazing possibilities that many Italian, and other less discovered Mediterranean varieties, offered in here the South Burnett, so close to my home region, it enticed us both back to see what we could create".

Stefano.... "I come from a small town in Northern Italy. Although I am the first in my family to pursue this career, I remember we had a bottle on the table any day of the week, it was such a part of life. I now understand that wine is more than just a drink. It's a lifestyle and for me it is a passion.  This brought me to discover some amazing places around the world and finally settle here in such an up and coming region, where we are keen to mix our knowledge and excitement for winemaking with a new flair".

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